Planning for your funeral now, and settling its costs in advance, lets you get on with living life to the full and removes concerns about what will happen in the future.901232_233676240090975_1600607934_o

For many people a prepaid funeral plan is the best option, ensuring that your funeral expenses will be covered and your specific requests will be known and respected.

A prepaid funeral plan is both cost-effective and totally secure. A funeral plan ensures that your funeral wishes are known and will be provided with the minimum of fuss and at no extra cost to your family.

You pay into an independent trust fund which is managed with the aim of making sure that, no matter what happens, sufficient funds will be available to provide your funeral as laid out in your prepaid funeral plan – This means that you are protected against inflation, rising funeral costs, or any changes to your chosen funeral director or Golden Charter.

We offer the independent way funeral plan which is completely individual to you and your wishes.

Please contact us for further details of the Funeral Plans we offer.