A funeral is the last chance to say goodbye to a loved one and will be a very emotional time. It is of paramount importance that the arrangements are carefully considered as they can only be carried out once.unknown

Making funeral arrangements can be a difficult task and we can support you by taking care of all the practical arrangements. When planning a funeral, it is important that the person making the arrangements can give instructions and make decisions regarding the funeral details. This person will also be responsible for arranging payment for the funeral.

You may make funeral arrangements at your home, our funeral home or another location, such as a solicitor’s office or friend’s home.

When arranging a funeral you will need to make early decisions about:

  • Whether it will be a burial or cremation
  • Where the funeral will take place (church, cremation chapel,cemetery chapel, graveside, elsewhere)

We will then liaise with the necessary parties to agree a day, date and time for the service, to meet your requirements.

We will also need to know:

  • The full name, address and age of the deceased
  • The location where the deceased is resting
  • The name and contact details of the deceased’s doctor
  • Whether a death certificate has been issued
  • Whether the funeral will be a religious or non-religious (humanist) ceremony
  • Full details of your wishes regarding the services of a minister will be needed, if one is needed

Our staff will be pleased to discuss your requirements and offer advice accordingly. Within reason and the existing law of the land, most requests can be catered for and arrangements made. There is no set pattern which has to be followed. The arrangements can be tailored to suit the family arranging the funeral.

There is no legal requirement to use the services of a Funeral Director. We are here to help by offering advice and experienced staff. Should you wish to take care of the arrangements yourself and use us just for the supply of a coffin, for example, then we will be happy to oblige.